As hopefully you’re all aware there is a little event happening in London next Friday called London’s Calling It is our take on the similar community led events happening across the US and is by all accounts set to be the best event in the European Salesforce calendar – sorry World Tour 😉

Much has been written about the event by sponsors, speakers and other members of the community but I wanted to write something myself. In particular about the dev content of the event.

Personally I find at the Salesforce led events the content is pretty high level stuff and whilst interesting doesn’t necessarily stretch someone like myself that has been involved with the platform for a while. One of the things that we have set out to achieve is to provide a good breadth of content for people rather than just focusing at one end of the spectrum. I have been working very closely with the sessions and speakers to try and achieve that mix and build a day that I would give even grumpy old me food for thought.

I didn’t want to turn this into a top 5 post as I think all of the sessions hold value and if I had the time I could probably write a post about each of them! That said I do want to pull out some highlights to try and whet the developers appetite.

Test coverage?

Love it or hate it testing is baked into the platform and a constant part of our lives. I personally think that we should be loving testing rather than hating it – some investment up front can help protect us from a plethora of issues in the future. It took me a long time and a lot of hurt to believe that. And now I am going to preach testing to anyone that will stand still long enough to listen.

Given this I am particular pleased and not at all sorry to see a good series of sessions on testing. So if you want to learn all you can about testing these are the sessions for you.

  • We have Chris Aldridge giving a session on TDD early in the day. I have to admit that Chris had to work pretty hard to get me to include this session. I have tried TDD before and I have to admit to having hated. Chris convinced me that this was probably something to do with my bad attitude towards it and that I should let him come and change my mind. I have given into this and having seen his slides I have to admit to be coming back around to the concept.
  • Later on we have Simon Lawrence talking about sustainable and maintainable tests. Good tests even when written in a TDD fashion are crucial to the success of a project. They need to be able to stand the test of time not to mention over zealous admins! Simon goes into a series of best practices for making sure that test suite is up to it’s job and not something that you’re going to come to hate.
  • Both of the previous sessions will have hinted at the need to be able to mock out other areas of your code to ensure that you write good tests so it’s lucky that we then have David Frudd talking about ApexMocks the Apex mocking framework that has come out of FinancialForce. Whether you have looked at ApexMocks or not this 25 minutes will be invaluable.
  • The final testing session come from the one and only Bob Buzzard (or Keir Bowden as he was formally known). Keir moves away form testing Apex and into testing your JavaScript in your Lightning components. With no built in framework and platform imposed requirements for coverage it is going to be really easy to overlook testing your JS. Yet with it front and centre and running on the client’s computer you’re going to want to make sure it works. This is a must session for anyone building Lightning Components.

The New Stuff

The session from Keir leads me into my second highlight and that’s the content that we have on Lightning. Being the new kid on the block (not the band) we would have been remiss to not include some content that covers it. Obviously we have the JavaScript testing but then we also have two other dev focused Lightning sessions.

  • Fabien Taillon is going to talk about how to use the Lightning Design System to style your components. Remember people Lightning is great but it leaves you to do a lot of the work, which ultimately gives us amazing flexibility however does also mean that we’re going to have to think about how we follow the look and feel of the rest of the application. The LDS is the key to that and Fabien will be your guide.
  • The next session would be one of my favourites, if I were allowed to have favourites. Thomas Waud session on advanced Lightning Components is amazing. Building out a London’s Calling component he will show you some of the much more powerful features of the Lightning Component framework and how to get them to work to your advantage.

And finally the one other session that I really want to be in is from Avrom Roy-Faderman works for Salesforce and is flying in from San Francisco to talk to us about custom metadata types. If you dont know what these are then I suggest you go and find out but in short; we can now deploy data about our application with our application – things like config or settings. The applications are mind boggling and Avrom is working on the cutting edge of this – I can’t wait to hear where such a powerful feature is going.

And Finally

And finally my honourable mention has to go to Reid Carlberg and his Marketing Cloud session. I haven’t shown any interest in the Marketing Cloud. Well I hadn’t until I heard that Reid was heading over there my interest was piqued and then Kevin Poorman too? Suddenly I started to think that there must be something in there for developers. Reid is a fantastic presenter and I can bet my bottom dollar that his session will be fantastic – I mean “5 reasons I love the Marketing Cloud” sounds awesome anyway but “5 reasons Reid Calberg loves the Marketing Cloud” would draw a crowd at the biggest of Salesforce events.

All in all there is nowhere else this year, in Europe, that you’re going to get this content and intimate access to these people. So go now and sign up.