I thought I’d add a quick guide to getting the demo installed and running to save you having to read all that guff in the other posts.

1) Download and install this package into your SalesForce Org.
2) Log into this site with your SalesForce credentials; keep this window open.
3) Call Console.Write(‘Hello World’); from you Org – be it anonoymously or otherwise.
4) Go back to the window opened in 2) and either be amazed at how good it is, or unsurprised that it didn’t work

Alternatively if you’re feeling brave and want to get all the code and set this up yourself then you can get the SalesForce part of the app from this GitHub repository and the node.js part from this one.

It runs over over HTTP at the minute as I had a socket issue on HTTPS.

I’ve also been having a bit of a think about some things that it would be nice to add to the solution and I thought that I’d just make a public note of them in the vain hope that it forces me to do something about them.

On the UI: a clear button, maybe the option of a different colour scheme, sort out the having to refresh occasionally.
Within SF: the ability to turn the logging on and off, maybe log levels.
In General: perhaps a few screenshots of how to set it up and use it – although it’s not that complex.

These are my initial thoughts for enhancements, more suggestions are welcome as are forks on GitHub and pull requests… saves me the work after all!

Let me know of any difficulties… have fun.