Developing Software

Designing and building software is my life’s passion. I have been writing and selling software for almost 25 years and I have been doing that on the platform for the past 5. With every day presenting a new problem to be solved with a new ‘least wrong answer’ the infinite nature of this space just keeps sucking me further in.

Developing Knowledge

Knowledge is my second obsession. It’s a sad day when I don’t learn something new; we’ve got big brains and my goal is to fill mine up. And as a Certified Salesforce Instructor and a Salesforce MVP I try to give as much of my knowledge back to others as possible.

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Well, I’m English so it’s no surprise that tea is my go to beverage. The strong, plain kind, the kind you could make a road from. Although my love of beer gives my tea habit a run for it’s money – it’s just hard to work after a couple of beers!