The past few weeks have been quiet for me in terms of any kind of technology driven activity, outside of work. Mainly due to the massive reorganisation of the house that we’ve been undertaking: creating an office, remodelling the living room, creating a nursery and contemplating the merging of the kitchen and dinning room – no room has been left unturned! All very DIY and I have to say; these hands were made for typing.

All of this has meant that I’ve not had much chance to contribute to the world in any particular way. However, over the past week I have managed to find some time and energy to get back into the swing of things and I have made some contributions to two of my open source projects.

  • FluentHTML – I have started working my way through the list of tags that exist in HTML5 and adding them into the project.  It’s ongoing but I have a couple of commits in there now which I think brings the list up to the end of the b’s!  I am just pushing through the list initially to try and get all of the tags in there.  After that I will look at any refactoring that might be possible and also at providing useful overrides on the methods.  I am also toying with the idea of validating the attributes that you can add to each tag but as I stand am unsure as to whether this is a good idea.
  • sObject Serialization – I have decided to make some fairly big changes to this.  Whilst the original idea was driven by the need to pass sobjects to @future methods I have decided that I will branch the project out and make it able to also (de)serialize lists and primitive types too.  This means a change to the interface so for the meantime I have created a Lists and Primitives branch in GitHub and am committing these changes to it.  Once they’re ready I’ll merge it back into master.  Currently I have updated the string serializer to fulfil the new requirements.  The JSON version will be updated but I need to update the JSON parser in there first, so it won’t happen straight away.

So that’s where I currently stand on these two projects and should hopefully give you a view of where I’m going in the short term with them.  Obviously progress is, as ever, subject to free time – an concept that currently seems to ebb and flow without much control.